Rumors of War

Although we like to believe we have escaped the barbarism and cruelty of generations passed, evil and badness is just as much a fabric of our society as is beauty and pleasantries. Us humans are fascinated by doomsday scenarios, the rapture, nuclear war, Y2K, the end of the Mayan calendar, asteroids, alien invasions, and global warming. We all know we will personally die and perhaps we are hoping we can all go out together. As much as some of these scenarios have some legitimacy, our greatest threat remains each other. With the ushering in of industrialization, capitalism, and democracy, we still have yet to evolve into a peaceful human race. The savagery that brought us here lingers.
And here in this gallery we examine the underlying bizarre nature that is our current state of humanity. Our disconnection from nature but our retention of cruelty. A fascination with the man-made but a disdain for our fellow man.
A Photoset by Michael Sisko