Cherry Blossoms on Bushnell Pond 13"x19" Print

Cherry Blossoms on Bushnell Pond 13"x19" Print


Fallen Cherry Blossoms Resting on the Water of Bushnell Park's Lily Pond. 


Every moment of life’s cycles is as important and valuable as the next. Even as these cherry blossoms detach from their tree, they float away as beautiful and graceful as ever. They blossomed as brightly as they could, held on for as long as they needed, and submitted to mother nature when she beckoned.   Image made on Wednesday, April 24th, 2021, at Bushnell Park in Hartford, Connecticut.


Camera info: f8, 1/250, iso100


Limited to 10 prints. All personally printed, inspected, signed, and numbered by myself. 

Photo is printed on 13" x 19" ultra premium lustre paper.