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Hello and welcome to everyone.

Thank you to those of you who gave me your email address via my instagram story. I appreciate the opportunity to communicate with you here on a different channel.

With all of the spamming and scamming that has been going on I am very grateful to have your trust and interest in what I am doing.

The recent insecurities that have been happening on instagram are a large reason why I find it so vital to have my own platform to create and share content. Without the fear of being hacked and someone using my account to try and steal log in information or promote scams. An alarming amount of personal accounts have been hijacked and virtually stolen from some great people and wonderful creators.

Artists and business people who have come to rely upon instagram as a source of income, a source of business generation and self promotion, have lost thousands of organically gained followers. Artists and entertainers across the internet spend hours and hours working, without pay, to earn the attention and respect of their peers. Hackers are taking advantage of the trust these people have built with their followers and exploiting it to gain access to very personal information.

Please be aware of people offering "free" money, asking for your phone number, asking for log-in links, and countless other nefarious inquiries. Make sure your passwords are secure. Seriously don't share any information with any accounts unless you know exactly who they are and why they need this information. With the integration of businesses and shops on instagram it gets even more cloudy, some shop pages allow you to enter your credit card information and buy things without even leaving the instagram app. While this is convenient, it has lowered our guards to make us think that it is safe and commonplace to exchange personal information.

Even I was almost fooled...

An insta-friend messaged me asking for my phone number.

Sure, no problem maybe the just want to text?

I very quickly receive a text message that contains a url link.

On instagram they ask me to send them the link that I just received.

Not paying full attention, it was early Sunday morning, I almost copy and paste the link.

....My suspicion awakened at just the right moment. This encounter seemed bizarre, a bit more aggressive and demanding than this insta-friend has ever spoken to me before. So I hesitate, and then I realize the link they send me was a password login reset link and that by sending them the unique link that was sent to my account they would have been able to reset my password and commandeer access to my account. This is all could have happened within 60 seconds, I don't have thousands of followers, but I have spent a lot of time interacting with people, fostering friendships, building a community, and all of that could have been lost had I not been mindful enough to recognize the scam attempt.

I feel awful for my insta-friend who clearly had their account bamboozled which was now being used to sucker other obliging people into the trap. So please, be skeptical, be wary. Update your passwords with new and funky numbers and word c0mb*nation$! that only you would know. Keep your passwords safe and remember them.

I look at this sneaky attempt and all of the other more brazenly obvious attempts now as reminders to foster relationships in a new way here on my own website. Sure instagram has all the cool features and ways to connect, I can watch your stories, listen to your rants, I can react, I can check out the informative posts you share, listen to the music you listen to, laugh at the memes, learn about upcoming events, buy your crafts, support your talents.

But here on my blog and on my website I can build a safe place for me to showcase and reflect upon everything I'm working on. I can curate a blog that is not worried about censorship, not worried about algorithms, not concerned about pleasing Mark Zuckerberg, not distracted by the Metaverse, not interlaced with ads and spam and fake accounts and bots. This website is totally my own. Everything on here has been worked on by myself in some fashion. And though it might not be perfect or the coolest website I've ever visited, it is my own and it is a representation of Michael Sisko.

So I seriously thank you for giving me the time if you've read this. I appreciate you caring being interested. I have a lot going on, a lot of projects, a lot of jobs, a lot of work and ideas and communication to get to. I hope you enjoy these blogs and the email updates.

I will work my ass off to make sure they are entertaining, surprising, funny, thoughtful and worthwhile. All while being totally authentic and transparent.

Hackers can't catch me.

If you don't want these emails and updates please unsubscribe, no hard feelings. If this is junk mail to you then I don't want to bog down your inbox, godspeed I wish you the best.

BUT IF YOU DO LIKE getting these emails please tell a friend or a share a screen shot of a section you like to your insta story and tag me. Or just buy something from my shop and book me for one my photoservices. Thank you kindly have a nice day, hope you stay warm and feel nice on the inside. Don't get too frustrated.


The blue HTFD crewneck sweater I'm wearing was gifted to me from Experience Hartford. They run a very thorough blog on whats happening around Hartford. They are doing a fantastic job and I know they will be a great asset to promoting life around the city. I encourage you to follow them on instagram and subscribe to their website updates.

If you run a blog or are really enjoying any email updates that you are subscribed to please share that with me. As you are here supporting and encouraging me I would love to do the same for you. Leave any subscription recommendations in the comments below.

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