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"Whatever the Weather"

This Blog Post is like the History of "Whatever the Weather". From sketches of the earliest design and thought process behind the idea, to finalized designs and future progressions, to all the different kinds of merch and fan photos of where they stuck their stickers.

If you'd like to buy a sticker they are available in my store.

-“Whatever the Weather” This is a design, concept, logo, branding, that I’ve been thinking about and working on for a few years now. And I finally have something tangible to share. Hopping into that physical sphere.

What's it about? Duality. Life and Death. Manic and Depressive. Yin and Yang. Black and White. About finding frequency that parlays through both. The grayness, the steadiness, the unflinching calmness in the in between. We are simultaneously living and dying……ANYHOW…Buy one and show me that you stuck it someplace cool and I’ll send you another one for free.

If you have your own designs or need stickers for any projects or charity events I highly recommend Sticker Mule. And if you click on this linked image you'll get like $10 of free credits or something. And I do too.

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