Uber Adventures: Boston MA


Friday afternoon during a strong rain storm I got an uber request to pick someone up on the middle of interstate 91 northbound. They called me and let me know that they were on a broken down bus in the breakdown lane. I spotted the bus and pulled over in front of it, 4 riders piled out with luggage and came towards me. I felt like a cab driver on an episode of the Amazing Race. The rain and traffic swarming us as I made room for all of their things. We all got in the car, I started the trip and realized they were heading for Logan airport in Boston. I chuckled and said we should probably get some gas, riding casually close to E. We got off the highway right away, fueled up and got back on the road. It was a fun road trip with 5 boisterous 20 somethings. All doing things and places to be. They were all incredibly funny and kind.

I'm so grateful for the spontaneity. The ability to make money while meeting new people and getting to spend sometime in Boston. I couldn't see my self doing anything else for work besides uber and my art/photography. It is quite a fortuitous combination.

After dropping my uberers' off, I stopped in Cambridge for dinner and to stretch my legs. I had falafel and coffee at the excellent homey Andala Coffee House and spent a couple hours in a used book store. I decided to spend the night in my car seeing as how it's something I've been wanting to do & I had my sleeping bag packed in trunk already. I found a nice spot along the Charles river over looking the Boston Skyline and slept like a baby.


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