The Weekend Basketball Club - Season '21 - Week 1

March, 27th. The fourth weekend of March in two thousand and twenty one. Temps in the mid sixties, with a light breeze. A perfect day to play basketball. Crisp air, warm sun, refreshing wind. All of the elements needed to ball out of control. At least as much as my winter body would allow. Wow it's really spring already! March Madness? Working out at home alone certainly doesn't make you work like playing a competitive game of three on three basketball does.

I'm hoping to grow the club this year. I have plans to make more content for the club. And to develop the branding and merchandising. Along with locally hosting some tournaments, contests, and park clean ups. So stay tuned for all of that!

I want to approach capturing the club a bit differently this year. AND I don't LOVE shooting photos at this particular park. (Wolcott Park, in West Hartford) There isn't anything aesthetically pleasing surrounding the court to make a nice background. There is so many light poles sticking up in every direction. It forces me to think outside the box in order to make the images more appealing. It would be fun to have a night time edition of the club and play under those lights. Maybe in the summer when it gets too hot to play in the sun. Those photos would be so different and fun to make!

And I'll leave you with some purple haze.

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