The Weekend Basketball Club Returns

After a several year hiatus the Weekend Basketball Club returned in 2020.

3/27/2020 Wethersfield, Connecticut

After a months long activity-less nation wide quarantine, basketball hoops were finally returned to their backboards at public courts across the country.

4/4/2020 New Britain Connecticut.

I visited Goodwin Park in Hartford, alone, to shoot around by myself for the exercise and fresh air. Still too concerned about the virus to invite anyone and play with any body else. The park was clearly being used which was great, after being yellow taped off and shut down, the playground was open for kids to leave their homes and get some outdoor excitement. I'm sure parents and children were both thrilled. The city of Hartford must have also used the time to quarantine workers and pause trash services because when I got there, the trash was overflowing in the few cans available and littered throughout all areas of the park.

7/7/2020 Litter at Goodwin Park Hartford, Connecticut

I quickly realized that me picking up trash by myself one time wasn't a long term solution. So I thought about organizing a trash pick up, but then I realized a group of people picking up trash one time isn't much better. So how can I get people here regularly, to help clean up the park and then to enjoy the parks awesome facilities. Thats when I remembered The Weekend Basketball Club. What if we started meeting at the Goodwin Park basketball court and cleaning up a bit before we play and a bit after. Friends could bring their families, children, pets with them and before you know it, it's not just about playing basketball, its about loving and enjoying this park.

First Official Hartford Help x The Weekend Basketball Club Goodwin Park Clean Up. Photo by Joel Cintron

To read more about the trash and recycling clean up initiative visit the Hartford Help section of my website or Hartford Help on Instagram or Facebook.

The first Weekend Basketball Club games in several years. Photo by Joel Cintron

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