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Snowy New Hampshire Weekend Getaway.

My girlfriend and I were getting cabin fever with the constant snow falling in Connecticut. We wanted to get away with out flying while also finding a way to enjoy the snow and the season. So we decided a short drive to New Hampshire was in order.

I liked how this sign was asking to "observe" social distancing. Lol, "look at how far apart we are" . Cool sign of the times, I think I'll be glad I took this photo in 80 years.

I think I'll start with some New Hampshire Architecture...

...Hamptecture Archishire.

Shooting in the snow adds interesting challenges because of how bright white the snow and sun can be together. It can really throw off the sensors and confuse your camera. On top of being cold and snowy and icy!!! I got more comfortable in the snow this winter with a lot of practice.

Now for what I was especially looking forward to, New Hampshire's nature. Specifically Meredith Bay of Lake Winnipesaukee and the White Mountains via the Kancamagus Highway.

Although we did not come to do extreme winter sports. We did ride to the top of Loon Mountain in a Gondola. We caught funny looks from the skiers and snowboarders as we got in line for the lift without any gear, but we were excited! The ride to the top was both thrilling and relaxing and I would definitely recommend it to everyone even if you are not sliding down the mountain, you can just get right back on the gondola. The views and sensations from being on top of a big snowy mountain are quite remarkable.

Now to say goodbye with an ode to transportation. Some vehicular visuals ;) thanks for reading with your eyeballs!

Ps. We stayed and ate at some spots I loved and would totally recommend. And some I wouldn't! Here they are.