Self Portrait Project [March '16]

Here I will document my thoughts and process and execution of my monthly self portait.

I found a very interesting photoset scrolling through old tumblr postings. A set called tokyo compression where riders of heavily crowded trains fog up the windows and the condensation and distortion makes for interesting portraits of the riders. I'm going to use a similar technique in my car, to give a feel of thawing out which i think is fitting following january, under water, and febraury, snowing.

I need to research how to fog up a car and see who would be willing to participate. I can do a solo test run to estimate whether I will need more bodies. Test photos coming soon :)


I checked the internet and learned that if you put a steamer or kettle in the car you can get the windows to fog up pretty easily. But, After a night of snow and rain and ice I wanted to see what I could get without any artifical help. These are the results. I love the teal sort of shade of green that the windows were producing but I don't think thats the apperance I want for the photo ultimately. I'll prefer the grey, stone, cement shading. I think it will compliment the transition from February (black & white) more pleasantly.

I decided to go with the grey tone one and I knew i wanted to take photos of welding in the metal shop at MCC for a firery cutting affect, to contrast the ice and add a thawing/removal feeling.

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