Ocean Beach Park Sunrise

I woke up with midday alertness hours before my alarm clock goes off and hours before the sunrise on a Wednesday morning. I've been wanting to watch the sunrise on the Connecticut Coast for a long time now but it is.....difficult.....to wake up that early. Early enough for the hour long drive. But this was the perfect morning to do it. The sky was wonderful, colorful clouds, tranquil waters, and bright sunshine. I hope you can get a sense of the breathtaking earthly beauty and pure joy I felt being able to witness a sunrise like this. I truly felt lucky and blessed.

Pink Clouds Purple Sunrise morning tranquility soothing views ocean front property real estate beach ocean park New london Connecticut Summer November Clouds Waves sand
Pink Clouds forming over Ocean Front Homes.

New London Connecticut Ledge Lighthouse Groton Sunrise Ocean Beach Park Sky Skyline Clouds Gradient Orange Pink Blue Navy Morning Landscape Photography
Sunrise behind the New London Ledge Lighthouse

Black and White Grayscale Greyscale New England Long Island Sound Sunrise Photography Clouds Sun Light Bird Flying Ocean Calm Morning Beach Park New London Connecticut Groton Southern Skyline
Black and White View of the Ocean Beach Park Sunrise

Waves Ocean Wave Water Sky Heaven Sunrise Beautiful Photography Art Vertical Portrait  Skyline birds flying gold golden New london Connecticut New England Tranquil Calm Long Island Sound
A new wave forming.

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