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NYC Shutter Society Ep. 1


This is a collection of images I captured during the first meet up of the Shutter Society. A group founded by a dear friend, Bilali Mack. The groups website is . Feel free to sign up and join if exploring New York City and street photography is something you've always wanted to do.

I felt more comfortable than I ever have before while photographing the public during this trip. I think it was a combination of me feeling comfortable with my camera, being surrounded by other passionate picture takers, and the New York City public being so abundant and nonchalant about being captured. I'm really looking forward to the second meet up. Ideas of taking a subway to Coney Island were being discussed and that sounds like a photographic dream trip. For this first meet up we started at a bar in china town and moseyed over to a bar in the east village. The starting bar was the Whiskey Tavern and they blew us away. The service and hospitality was out of this world. They had two huge tables reserved and decked them out with these hilarious laminated posters of Bilali. They also gave out several Dildo's fixed with lit sparklers to several other groups in the party. Birthday Parties or Bachelorettes I'm not sure. We think we might make starting out at this place a tradition.

I got to Brooklyn at around 11am and decided to park there for the day and walk over to Manhattan via the Williamsburg Bridge, something I had never thought of doing before. The weather was a little cloudy and a little rainy but for our walk the sun was breaking through the clouds and the puddles lingered.

Stay tuned for episode 2! Coming in Early June.

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