Head with Cigarette (Self Portrait Project [July '17])

Picking up right where I left off! Haha the last blog post I made about this self portrait project was back in March of 2016. I've taken a few self portraits, for my birthday & to test out some new lighting equipment, but I haven't devised an image of myself and then constructed and created the shot. I want to get back to doing that.

I was inspired by this Man Ray image.

year: 1920 Theme: Women, Compositions

Head of woman with a cigarette in the mouth, album "Photographs by Man Ray 1920 Paris 1934", p.43


I have been struggling with the urge to go and buy a pack of cigarettes, knowing I hate 95% of the cigarette. But that very brief feeling of weightless carefreeness along with the nostalgic film "cool" of smoking; makes it tempting. Smoking is heathenistic, smells putrid and is just down right terrible. But here we are. Faulted humans.

I think that for the artistic expression smoking a boge or two will be forgiven by my lungs.

The composition, perspective, and tones of this image stood out to me and sparked me creatively. My intent will be use this perspective, along with the features of the plain background, the creamy smooth skin, the oily reflective hair, and the near death cigarette.


This is my July 2017 Self Portrait.



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