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Elizabeth Park Greenhouse, Spring Flower Show '21

The weather this day was just perfect. I could feel the sun rays on my forearms as I drove through Hartford. I'm happy I got to bask in the fragrance of all the flowers and the warmth inside the Elizabeth Park Greenhouse for a little while. It felt like a proper spring day, though we are still 4 days away from the vernal equinox. So cool and bizarre and perfect that the Earth wobbles the same way year after year.

Or, at-least I hope it does continue to wobble that way. Imagine if it just stayed tilted in winter for longer, for several years even. Can you imagine how awful that would be? For it to be winter for three years straight? Well let's keep our fingers crossed we keep spinning and wobbling at a steady pace.

This might be my favorite image from the day. The Greenhouse flowers reflecting upon the glass ceiling, like a gardeners sistine chapel.

Well that was fun. I feel a bit warmer and my breaths a bit deeper. Talk to you soon :)

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