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Digital Photography II

Fall semester of 2016 with Dan Long.

This was my Portfolio (or final project) Proposal.

1. The subject of my portfolio is Hartford area street photography. People and how they use the space they inhabit/interact in their environments.

2. I will make these photos in the Hartford Area, from my commute to and from school. From Wethersfield through Hartford to Manchester. My commute will be partly bicycling partly bus riding, so I will be able to actively photograph will I travel.

3. I will use the natural lighting and atificial bus & or street/store/building lighting.

4. I will not need any models or props. Just my functioning bicycle, safe reflective clothing + helmet and bus fare.

5. Yes I will be able to photograph my subject for more than an hour every week.

6. All of my photos will be unplanned and non choreographed…spontaneous.

7. Paul Graham, Andrew Savulich, Serge J-F Levy

This was Dan Long's response.


Your proposal is fairly open ended. It kind of sounds like you plan to shoot on your way to school. I’m assuming you don’t plan to ask permission to photograph people in the tradition of street photographers? That can sometimes be a learning experience. I think you might have to narrow down your idea a bit to make a tight portfolio. For example, photographing only people sleeping on the bus. Or somehow include your bike’s handlebars in each photo. Or only photograph people wearing red shirts. Something to help hold this small portfolio together. You are aware that many street photographers worked scatter shot, even in the days of film? By this I mean they shot billions of images. When Winogrand died he left 2,500 rolls of undeveloped film, 6,500 rolls of developed but not proofed exposures, and about 3,000 rolls only realized as far as contact sheets. I find much of Paul Graham’s work to be boring compared to Garry Winogrand, Lee Friedlander, Robert Frank, Josef Koudelka etc. Yes, I know, mostly dead guys. Check them out if you are not familiar with them. Check out these live people and websites too:

Matt Stuart -

Christophe Agou

Ying Tang (her when the wind blows and chaos portfolios) -

Alexy Titarenko -


Studio Strobe Portraiture