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Cycling Street Photographer 2 - Goodwin & Trinity

This a journal log of my cycling commuting photographing outings. Lots of "ing"s.

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This post covers 2 rides, mostly around South Hartford. Goodwin Park and Trinity College are two of the places I parked my bike to get some pictures and rest my legs (haha).......(haaaaaahahahahahahah). I'm really in love with the craftsmanship and quality of this Schwinn bike. I like profiling it and I think it will be cool to soon have a collection of all the places I have ridden to. Some of these photos cross over into my Collections and other blog posts. Such as the Black and White Collection, the Hartford Travel Collection, and the Gross Negligence Blog Post. Those images will be linked to the other sections so you can see how they fit into my bigger picture ideas.


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