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Cycling Street Photographer 1- Charter Oak Bridge

This a journal log of my cycling commuting photographing outings. Lots of "ing"s.

Even though I wasn't in great shape and my bike wasn't the best I'm proud that I made it to school and got some pictures I'm happy with. I still need to get more comfortable with street photography, not being timid with my camera. Being able to take the pictures that I want to take.

" We quickly learned Winogrand’s technique–he walked slowly or stood in the middle of pedestrian traffic as people went by. He shot prolifically. I watched him walk a short block and shoot an entire roll without breaking stride. As he reloaded, I asked him if he felt bad about missing pictures when he reloaded. “No,” he replied, “there are no pictures when I reload.” He was constantly looking around, and often would see a situation on the other side of a busy intersection. Ignoring traffic, he would run across the street to get the picture.” – Mason Resnick "

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