CT Arts & Eats - Commercial Shoot, Day 2

On the second day of shooting we loaded up in a van and headed down to Bridgeport. I was excited to take this field trip with the crew to experience some of what Bridgeport has to offer. After already having a day of experience under my belt, this day had much less stress and anxiety tied to it. I was now just eager to spend more time with my friends, explore new locations, and play my role so the production team could shoot great footage.

All of these photos were taken at The Knowlton in Bridgeport an event venue, artists studios, and mural park. The murals outside of the old factory's brick exterior were brilliant pops of color and real treats for the eyes. Inside was just as fascinating, a massive building with three stories of artists studios filled with engaging art and artists. There was a wide variety of artists working within the space. From a film photography photo developing lab to a podcast studio, to a fashion designer and classic oil painters. The space was beautifully maintained and clearly developed with Artists in mind.

I totally recommend checking out The Knowlton, it's well worth the trip for art fans and certainly a place for artists in the area to consider if they are looking for work space dedicated to their crafts.

Much love and blessings bestowed upon my fellow cast mates, Sonia, Elijah, Lindaluz and Lucemy !! 💕

The second location we shot at was Brewport, a brewery and pizza restaurant. Their hospitality, beer, and pizza helped all of us finish off the commercial shoot with some extra merriment. We had fun doing dozens of cheers, cheers to the mommas and cheers to director Pedro Bermudez and cheers to many more cheerses. The beer was strong, and the ride back to Hartford was entertaining to say the least, haha thanks to the producer Ed for designatedly driving the ship and getting us all back home safely.

& Thank you for checking out this blog post. I hope you're having a good week and hop that you plan on doing exactly what you want to this weekend.

I'll catch up with you soon. Peace & love.

Check out the post from Day 1 for more info and links to the production crew!

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