CT Arts & Eats - Commercial Shoot, Day 1

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

I was very surprised and flattered that I was asked to be apart of this commercial shoot. So surprised in fact, that I had doubt and fear creep into my mind. I was skeptical that I could confidently do what was being asked of me, did they know this too? Were they setting me up to fail embarrassingly on camera and in public? Lol, I have to laugh at how ridiculous this paranoia sounds in hindsight. But at the time I was worried it would cause me to back out of the shoot and miss the opportunity.

It is now a couple days after wrapping 2 full days of shooting... And it could not have gone better. The shoots were fun, comfortable, safe, professional and most importantly successful. I felt comfortable in front of the camera, my anxiety and and paranoia subsided enough prior to the shoot that I was able to rest and prepare. Thanks to the help of my girlfriend Jessenia, my own personal meditation, and the professionalism of the entire production crew.

I am so thrilled at all of the new friends and connections I made. Plus grateful for the time I got to spend amongst artists and professionals I admire. I even plan on updating my headshots and staying in touch with the production company so that I can participate in more opportunities in front of the camera.

Now here are some photos I took while on set during the first day of shooting in Hartford. We started the day off at Elijah's Semilla Cafe and later checked out Lindaluz's Solo Art show at 111 Allyn street.

Here are some links for you to check out a few of the folks who were apart of the production!

Director - Pedro Bermudez revisionistfilms.com

Producer - Edward Soto 1010pro.com

Production Assistant - Brian Nance

Cinematographer - Kewan Harrison 1010pro.com

Hair and Makeup - Valerie Gengras

Wardrobe - Ally Evarts

Sonia Morant

Lindaluz Carrillo

Semilla Cafe + Studio

Recap of my second day of shooting for this commercial in Bridgeport coming soon.

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