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35mm Black and White Contact Sheet, P1.19.04

Updated: Mar 15, 2021

Take a look here at this roll of film, shot, developed, and printed by me for my Analog Photography course at Manchester Community College. Scenes from this roll include images of Lighthouse Point Park and Long Island Sound from New Haven, portraits of red bell peppers, my friend Andrew experimenting with mirrors and lemons. and a tarp covered car.

This roll was shot with a Minolta SR-T 202 (a 43 year old camera, made in 1976) using a 50mm 1.7f lens, on Kodak TMax 400iso film. The prints were made on black and white Ilford paper in a darkroom and then scanned on a standard desktop HP scanner.

Stay tuned for more updates, there's a few more frames from this contact sheet I'd like to enlarge. Take a guess as to which ones I might make into prints or let me know which ones you find interesting.

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