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3-D Design

Manchester Community College Spring 2016 Semester with William Brewster


"Wire Sculpture objective - Use line as a three-dimensional element. Bend the wire into curves that encompass fully three-dimensional forms in unfilled space."

I used 18 Gauge Steel Galvanized and 18 Gauge Copper wires, needle nose and flat blunt pliers. The two bee images above were my references.


Planar Materials - Initials


Masking Tape - Objective


Scale Shift -


Metamorphosis- shape to shape

Objective: Using modeling clay, transform a representational form into another in at least five stages.


Final Project- Assemblage: Character Bot.

Objective: Make a three-dimensional bot sculpture using three or more found objects in such a was present a coherent whole.


Did you document, sketch and illustrate the idea?

Did you use critical thinking and/or problem solving skills?

Did you consider art?