(2015) Stratton Brook State Park

I can't recall why I ended up at this particular park, but I know that I was searching for a distraction. I was filled with anxiety and doing terribly at school, I was avoiding class but trying to give myself something to do, something I could feel good about and enjoy. So I took my camera and headed out. This was before I understood aperture, before I understood shutter speed, before I understood ISO. Knowing nothing technical about my camera or photography in general. Just simply looking and shooting. I'm thankful that my camera could operate in such away that allowed me to take pictures I can still now visually enjoy without having those foundational skills. For giving me some sense of accomplishment when I was completely devoid of self confidence. That feeling of beginners luck that makes you want to keep trying. My visit to Stratton Brook State park in simsbury was a pivotal moment in my photographic journey.

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