(2010) "Now or Never"

June 2010, for a summer photography course at Central Connecticut State University a photoset of a good friend and talented designer Marshall Samba-Green

Title: Now or Never

The main story that I want to convey with these images is the emotion, nerves, excitement, and energy produced from performing in front of a crowd. The first few images show a calm, nervous, butterflies in the stomach kind of feeling. Then the images of the performance display the intensity, and energy that those nervous generate. The last photo of the essay shows the gratitude and the well-deserved congratulations.

These photos were taken in a nightclub with unique lighting that was difficult to shoot in without flash or a tripod. So in order to get clear images I left the flash on for all except one of the photos. I think the flash actually had a positive impact on the photos, highlighting my subject and producing intense shadows. If I did this again, next time I would take 100 more photos than I did so that I could have more pieces to work with when trying to create my essay.

Because my subject was a real person who also had a job to accomplish it was difficult to take my time and think about what looked good. I had to trust my instincts and just shoot with no hesitation. If I waited I wouldn’t have been happy with any of my shots.

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