Photographs by Michael Sisko of the geometrical dimensions of the physical lives we lead through out the natural existence of shapes.

No Firework for you_036
Riverfront Sunrise_14
No Firework for you_026
Rebel t1i bees and bridge_07_2
Loren DTHTFRD_170627_52
Loren DTHTFRD_170627_42_1
Color and BAW Rose
Tony Tomatoes first trip_0185
Tony Tomatoes iphone favorites_01
Tony Tomatoes iphone favorites_05
Loren Harkness_0078
Bushnell park Geometry
Savannah at Elizabeth Park_302_1
Stretch Marks by Natalie Pujols
Winter Storm Diana_144
Winter Storm Diana_136
Winter Storm Diana_072
Winter Storm Diana_034_2
Nickels Blue Jacket_121
Nickels Red Tape_061
Uber Adventure xmas lights_32
Drew and Sasha_003
Drew and Sasha_362
Heirloom Market_03242016_128
Thursday at MCC_099
Snowy Spring Silo_163
Heirloom Market04012016_020
Heirloom Market04012016_023
Gray April Day_031
Jerrys Artarama_011_1
Jerrys Artarama_012
Bus Commute_157
Bus Commute_076
Bus Commute_050
Bus Commute_039
Bus Commute_013
Copy Cat Hunting_016
Copy Cat Hunting_238
Bus Commute_025
Costa Rica_12
Costa Rica_4
Costa Rica_61
Costa Rica_58
Costa Rica_57
Costa Rica_45
Costa Rica_34
Costa Rica_18
Trumps Ready
Autumn on the Quinnipiac River_021
Framed Self Portraits_019
DP2 Portfolio Hunting_084
DP2 Portfolio Hunting_076
Fair Haven iphone photos_011
Fair Haven iphone photos_003
Fair Haven iphone photos_002
Fair Haven_116
Fair Haven_016
Ashtray Face
Sept 30 Street Photography_013
Autumn on the Quinnipiac River_082
Sept 27 Street Photography_073
Sept 20th Bike Commute_053
Eggsellent Review Faves
Orange City Hall Door
venice pier sunset_1
Blue Foggy Hartford Morning
Green Hartford fence
Orbit of Earth
Blue Brush

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